Listen to the mix by Kelman Duran, Felix Hall and Florentino

May 20, 2019
The recording features Dominican producer, specialist in Afro-Cuban rhythms, Kelman Duran, his colleague in the field of hybridizing latin sounds with club music, Manchester-based producer Florentino, and the NTS resident, selector with a focus on reggaeton, dancehall and reggae, Felix Hall. By joining the forces, they’ve recorded a mix with a killer selection of rhythmic latin music from the artists like Lumidee, Papa Chain, Baby Rasta Y Gringo, Playero + The Noise, Diljit Dosanjh as well as Florentino’s and Kelman’s own productions.
Photo: NTS Radio

The new book by FLEE explores a Kenyan signature genre Benga

Apr 4, 2019
FLEE is a cultural engineering platform dedicated to the documentation and enhancement of hybrid cultures. It functions as a record label, publishing house and exhibition organizer. All these diverse activities are united by a desire to explore unfairly forgotten musical genres, their history, and evolution, the genealogy of political essence, as well as their past and present position in the global socio-economic landscape.
The first release of FLEE features a vinyl compilation and a printed journal dedicated to Kenyan iconic music genre from the 70s called Benga that never got great exposure outside of Kenya’s frontiers. In addition to mentioned above, FLEE delivered a book called “Benga, a Kenyan Kaleidoscope” which investigates the future of a Kenyan music genre and its evolution in the limelight of an increased dematerialization of artistic practices. The book is composed of the essays from the film director Mbithi Masya, graphic design studio U-Zehn, music producers like FlexFab, KMRU, Gregg Tendwa, Shake it Maschine and professors Jehanne Denogent, Noémie Desarzens, Andrew Eisenberg, as well as original and archive pictures.

More information about the project and the book:

IVVVO released an album on Halcyon Veil

Mar 18, 2019
IVVVO is a Portuguese experimental electronic musician and co-founder of the record label Terrain Ahead. Previously known by his works for Opal Tapes, Public Information and Fourth Wave, IVVVO released a new album ‘doG’ which combines the elements of contemporary dance, rock, pop and electronica. Here, deconstructed trance synths, choral arrangements complement Korn samples and an array of thrilling and tense sounds.
doG was released on March 15th via Halcyon Veil.

Voin Oruwu's new album on Kvitnu

Mar 1, 2019
Kyiv-based musician Dmitriy Avkesentiev, known as Voin Oruwu and Koloah, released an album Etudes From A Starship which explores the relation of the technology and nature of unknown planets. The album arrived on Ukrainian experimental label Kvitnu, bringing a compilation of futuristic novels about heroic deeds and great sacrifices, legends about invincible catastrophes and the birth of supernovas, tales of cosmic loneliness and great ethereal love. The producer embodied this narrative in 10 experimental, abstract compositions.

Strange Sounds From Beyond announced first names for 2019 edition

Feb 20, 2019
African Head Charge, psychedelic dub icons, has been confirmed, along with electronic trio Mutant Beat Dance and Agata Melnikova with ambient project Sign Libra. More names will be added soon.
Strange Sounds From Beyond is an Amsterdam-based festival and online-magazine about music. SSFB team has been organizing the festival for three years straight focusing on phenomenal acts, emerging artists and homegrown talent.
This year’s edition set to happen at Noorderlicht in Amsterdam on June 22. Learn more about the festival and discover other alternative events in our selection of festivals.

A mix by MCMLXXXV you need to listen to right now

Feb 15, 2019
Berlin based DJ and Herrensauna resident MCMLXXXV was invited to Optimism Is Out To Get You show on LYL for one hour of of acid, techno and fast breaks. Prepare yourself for non-stop dancing this weekend!

The sounds of Soviet underground in ‘Signal from militia’ mix series

Feb 1, 2019
Kyiv-based DJ and music geek Andrii Shcherbyna aka Kirpich Soundsystem has launched a podcast series with collection of Soviet underground music of the 80s and early 90s. He called it "Сигнал из милиции" (eng: "Signal from militia”) and recently released the 3 edition - "DANSING" with a handful of forgotten rave, techno and trance gems.

Muscut started a new sub-label Shukai records

Dec 19, 2018
Founded by Sasha Tsapenko, Dmitry Prutkin and Muscut label boss Dmytro Nikolaienko, Shukai records will come as an outlet for lost Soviet film and television tapes. Many of them are going to be released for the first time. For instance, Victor Vlasov's soundtracks for the movie The Air Seller which were compiled into label’s first release The Air Seller and put out in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Moon Rock shares a new mix by Lullabies for Insomniacs head

Dec 24, 2018
Izabel recorded a mix for the third edition of the Moon Rock series, guided by this brief: "You're relaxing on a deck chair on the surface of the moon, watching a lunar sunset, whilst sipping a cocktail and coming down from a few hours of tripping on acid." As a result, Izabel delivered a handful of meditative and smooth electronics - a real session of mind opening without any substances and spiritual practices.

Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno released an album on Berceuse Heroique

Jan 17, 2019
The new year for Buttechno started with 2 releases - Minimal Cuts on Anthony Naples’ label Incienso and an ambient album La Maison De La Mort dropped on prolific British imprint Berceuse Heroique.

La Maison De La Mort refers to Eduard Artemyev’s electronic soundscapes, the Chiastic Slide era of Autechre, as well as Peter Kember's best work. "It could be a spiked film noir soundtrack… and it’s also great because it sounds like a late night walk around Moscow (at least to us)," says the label.

La Maison De La Mort is available in a limited edition and consists of 2 LPs with artwork by Will Bankhead from The Trilogy Tapes.

Asaf Samuel Page, OKO DJ, The Pilotwings, Simo Cell are booked for Monticule Festival

Nov 21, 2018
Last summer we made up a selection of seasonal festivals which prefer to stay away from festival hysteria and offer a refreshing alternative to uniform line-ups. This year a small festival for a couple of thousand people has been added to the list - Monticule Festival 2019.

Annually, the festival takes place in a private domain on top of the hill in the south of France. This summer, from June 19 to 23, the festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary with great line-up which has already been partially announced. Here you can find Malka Tuti label bosses Asaf Samuel Page and Katzele, the hero of our Drinking with section Low Jack, LYL radio curator OKO DJ and their companions from BFDM label Judaah, Low Bat, The Pilotwings, Simo Cell, as well as Fantastic Twins with live-set and many others.

Monticule will have 4 stages on offer - the main one will be set up in the forest, another two - near the pool and in the barn. Also separate stage will be specially designed for ambient music. In addition, during the 4 days you will have opportunity to do different activities, such as yoga or astronomy. More info:

Underground Radio Directory is a guide to independent radio stations

Dec 17, 2018
Meet a new website - Underground Radio Directory which features a catalog of underground radio stations from all over the globe. It offers a list of 87 stations from 54 cities including Kyiv based 20ft Radio, New New World Radio from Moscow and Lyon’s LYL radio.

You can choose any station from the list for daily streaming or try your luck with “I’m feeling lucky” option.