Unsound urges to help each other during pandemic


This week, the team of Unsound festival was supposed to announce the theme and the list of first artists for the upcoming festival edition, but due to current situation in the world, the announcement was put on hold.

In the official statement, Unsound urges everyone to support each other: 

“If you can help someone in this time, do so. Buy the music of artists. If you have been refunded a ticket to an event that was forced to cancel, consider donating that amount to the organisers and/or artists involved. 

 Of course, not everyone is in a financial position to do that, but everyone healthy is in a position to help others in need in other ways at this time, especially those who are elderly or unwell.

 Our theme for Unsound 2019 was Solidarity - in 2020, the word is more important than ever.”

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