Oramics and Kashev Tapes drop a release to support Kurdish resistance in Rojava


The release ‘Sonic Resistance: A Compilation For Rojava’ of Kashev Tapes and Polish platform Oramics comprises of 91 tracks from such producers as Eomac, ANFS, Olivia, Melania., Ngly, Doc Sleep, Black Acid, Xhin, DON'T DJ, Varg. Contributing artists also include Kyiv-based producer Poly Chain and  a resident of Odesa-based organization Cистема Gael. The album was released as a reaction to targeted violence on the autonomous region Rojava located in northeastern Syria and aims to raise awareness of Kurdish movement fighting for gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights and Democratic confederalism.

"The revolution in Rojava shows us how deeply entangled we are in postcolonial relations and motivates us to deconstruct existing conditions and structures. That’s how we understand being an ally. Because the war against equality and freedom is a war against all of us," says the label.

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