Gabber Eleganza is starting a label Never Sleep


Gabber Eleganza is a musical project curated by Alberto Guerrini. Originally launched as a blog and tool to collect artifacts of hardcore aesthetics and post-rave continuum cultures, Gabber Eleganza has later been expanded to a broader spectrum of mediums such as DJ Sets, publications, exhibitions and live performances.

As producer admits, the label is “an organic step after seeing the original Gabber Eleganza archival project grow into a multi-platform endeavour.”

On 31 March Never Sleep is going to deliver a first release from London called 'Molto Crudo' via Brazil & Russia producer Lizzitsky. Molto Crudo is a tribute to digitised 90’s Italian Trance melodies, sped up reggaeton snare rushes and post-hard core vocal manipulation.

Listen to Molto Crudo preview on bandacamp.

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