ZULI, John Object, KMRU, Holy Similaun contribute to a new compilation on SFX


SFX is a platform for audiovisual experiments curated by Alessandra Leone & Zoë Mc Pherson.

The new compilation XquisiteForce.collection/01 features tracks by Ciarra Black, ZULI, Glass, Holy Similaun, KMRU, Aho Ssan, ELLLL, Flore, Katie Gately, Bonebrokk, Gramrcy as well as Ukrainian musician John Object and DJ Kasimyn of Gabber Modus Operandi under his Hulubalang alias and many more. 

This compilation is a direct outcome of a collaborative audiovisual project of the artists which they have been putting together since March 2020, and which is still ongoing. Based on the Cadavre Exquis surrealists' game, each contributor was asked to  create a 1 min sequence in a period of 1 week, starting from the last sample/image from the previous contribution. 

All proceeds from sales of the compilation will go directly to two organisations in Beirut: Haven for Artists and Beit El Baraka. These two organisations are providing food and shelter and financial, medical and psychological assistance to those who suffered in the wake of the explosion on August 4th. 

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