HAJJ releases debut EP on BFDM


HAJJ is a visual artist and composer, co-founder of the record label Dawn, Souffrance FM host on LYL radio, follower of Schnell Records, a collective that develops Dadaist music.

Recently BFDM posted an announcement of HAJJ’s debut release Dédicace à Personne. The EP consists of 3 tracks ‘I Tried To Tell Ya Something Through This Fucking Phone,’ ‘My love is rotten to the core’ and ‘Dad Is Destroying The World For My Sake.’

‘My love is rotten to the core’ was first released for HaJJ’s A/V live show in order to create the soundtrack of the atmospheric film he made about his home town. ‘My love is rotten to the core’ is a direct reference to Tim Hecker’s album of the same name which is also taken from a line of Van Halen's major hit ‘Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love’.  

Dédicace à Personne arrives on BFDM on May 18. 

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