Mary-Audrey Ramirez and LUKAS8K present QT UR EA at Traumabarundkino


Running from January 17 to March 14 at Traumabarundkino, QT UR EA is an installation and exhibition of multimedia artist and sculptor Mary-Audrey Ramirez and CGI artist LUKAS8K.

QT UR EA is an environment by Mary-Audrey Ramirez and LUKAS8K incorporating installation, performance, motion-capture and real-time virtual worlds. The title QT UR EA refers to a place (EA), its civilization (UR), and the perceptible reality (QT). As artists admit, over an 8 week period, this multi-dimensional artwork will transform the Traumabarundkino art space into an alien world – a science fiction narrative derived from the mechanics and language of open world video games.

QT UR EA will feature collaborators such as choreographer Ali Heffetz and audiovisual artists Alza54 and Simon Goff. Moreover, within the context of QT UR EA Traumabarundkino and BORSHCH Magazine will host a joint event inspired by the latest ‘Dark Side’ issue.

Photo: Kitty Lee Schumacher

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