Urvakan invites 8ULENTINA, FOOZOOL, Rabih Beaini, Lyra Pramuk for 2020


Urvakan Festival, which takes its name from the Armenian word for ‘ghost’, returns to Yerevan to breathe life into the forgotten, ‘ghostlike’ architecture and cultural heritage of the city.

The second edition will feature a 6-day programme curated by experimental musician Rabih Beaini, booking agent Brandon Rosenbluth of Little Big, Oakland-based event series and label Club Chai and Moscow-based groups including experimental music events promoter TKANI and labels GOST ZVUK and Klammklang. Aside from music, the festival’s street art programme will be curated by STFNV. Art exhibitions are to be organised by syg.ma.

Urvakan’s line-up traditionally shaped to erase geographic and stylistic boundaries. The list features a multi-disciplinary artist, producer and DJ 8ULENTINA, singer-producer MSYLMA, avant-garde composer Ellen Arkbro, Felicity Mangan exploring the physical sound qualities of animal field recordings as well as contemporary Ukrainian musicians such as Chillera, Poly Chain, Lobanov K., Voin Oruwu.

Urvakan goes down 5-9 May at various historical spots around Yerevan. More info here.

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