In celebration of the 2nd birthday, Tight took over a 20ft streaming channel for all day broadcast. 18 artists from all over the globe featured their mixes, live-sets and A/V shows.


SZTVO is a collaborative project of two Ukrainian producers and Pep Gaffe affiliates, Tofudj and Acid Jordan. For the takeover, they presented some routines from the recent live session. "Packed with sound traces of daring adventures around local terrain, wacky sensations caught on tape carry the listener through the natural habitat of various entities roaming on the way. Open to ridicule, plain and square."


ZULI is a moniker of Cairo-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Ahmed El Ghazoly. Over the years, he has been organizing parties in Cairo at club-turned-clubnight VENT. Today he hosts a monthly show on NTS, performs live and DJs sets, and co-runs a the Cairo-based video podcast irsh. His latest LP is called Terminal, and was released on Lee Gamble's label UIQ.

Katarina Gryvul

Katarina Gryvul is a composer and violinist from Lviv. Despite being mainly focused on writing modern academic music, last year, she released the album Inside the creatures, which became a kind of offshoot in her work and incorporated elements of ambient and experimental electronics. As part of the takeover, Katarina presented a live recording consisting of the tracks from the album and some new material.


Zolaa is a project of Kyiv-based producer, promoter, DJ and co-curator of National Distortion parties Dima Zolotoverkhy. He has released music on Berlin's FTP, British Seagrave labels, and his forthcoming EP will be out soon on London's EYA Records. Zolaa's podcast for Tight is his first non-dance live set online.

Sasha Tessio

Sasha Tessio is a Kyiv selector and DJ, one of the originators of Krossfingers podcast series. The Krossfingers music collection holds over 170 mixes from both well-known and low-key artists from around the world. Interest in digging for obscure music is well shown in Sasha’s sets, spanning a variety of genres - from house and Italo disco to ambient, post-punk, leftfield and new age.

Emma DJ

French producer Emma DJ curates the Schumacher show on LYL radio, actively releases his own music, and organizes acclaimed Fusion Mes Couilles parties. Both in production and events, Emma DJ's efforts are aimed at rethinking club music, creating new forms and ways of perceiving it.

Diana Azzuz & Rina Priduvalova

Show recorded at Heavy Culture, Kyiv, 20.02.2020

The recently formed and promising duo of visual artist Diana Azzuz and musician Rina Priduvalova is now in the process of putting together their first audiovisual album Ximena. The material provided for broadcasting on 20ft radio was originally recorded at Heavy Culture party in Kyiv.

John Object

John Object is a producer and graphic designer based in Kyiv. His two previous works Pre-Heat and Heat, were released by Bio Future Laboratory. John is pushing his unique take on contemporary electronic music, full of radical experiments with the formula. With a live-set for Tight Is 2 Takeover, he presented part of his new music from upcoming release as well as music from Heat and Pre-Heat EPs.


Zaliva-D is a duet from Beijing, consisting of musician Li Chao and visual artist Aisin-Gioro Yuanjin. Founded in 2003, they had released music mainly themselves, until 2018 when they delivered Sky Singing through the Beijing label SVBKVLT, and then Forsaken on the Amsterdam Knekelhuis.

Over more than ten years of musical practice, Zaliva-D has formed its personal style, which is characterized by dark and mystical energy, as well as a mixture of oriental motifs with a modern deconstructed sound.

For Tight Is 2 Takeover, Zaliva-D delivered a live-set full of these ingredients.

Mai Nestor

Mai Nestor is a Berlin-based Swedish musician, photographer, and vocalist of the coldwave band Facit. Currently, Mai conducts a show Is this desire? on LYL radio, works as a photographer, and frequently performs DJ sets in the German capital and far beyond its borders.

Gabber Modus Operandi

Trance against the machine show recorded at Soft Centre, Sydney 14.09.2019

Gabber Modus Operandi is a duo from Indonesia who is experimenting with gabber, Chicago footwork, grindcore, noise, and the Indonesian genres of dangdut koplo and jathilan. Kasimyn and Ican Harem, the founders of the project, released two full-length releases PUXXXIMAXXX on Yes No Wave Music and HOXXXYA on SVBKVLT. Over the past year, the duo has performed at Unsound, CTM, Nyege Nyege.

For Tight Is 2 Takeover, they provided archived recording of the live show Trance against the machine originally performed at Soft Center in Sydney. Gabber Modus Operandi are questioning the mystification of trance music and the role of technology in this process.

DJ Diaki

Dj Diaki is Diaki Kone, a balani show DJ, and radio animator in Sanakoroba, Mali. He recently debuted on Nyege Nyege Tapes Records with his album Balani Fou. His work is a mix of rumbling drums and national motifs, as well as a definite illustration of a phenomenon such as balani show, for which he is considered to be one of the founders of the genre. This African music that originated a couple of decades ago during parties on the streets of Mali with the tempo up to 170 BPM.

Jay Glass Dubs

Jay Glass Dubs is the pseudonym of Greek composer, sound artist and core member of the Bokeh Versions squad Dimitris Papadatos. As a part of Tight Is 2 Takeover, the presented the mix under the alias Wild Terrier - a quasi band consisting of vocalists, tenor saxophonists, and upright bass. Wild Terrier is about limitations and an attempt to turn the mix into live, combining his own productions with snippets of other musicians.


upsammy is an artist from the Netherlands who has gained worldwide fame thanks to her inventive and dynamic sets of experimental electronics, abstract sounds, classic IDM, drum and bass, techno, and electro. She is an affiliate of such labels as Whities, Nous'klaer, and Die Orakel.

Sim Hutchins

Sim Hutchins is an audiovisual artist and live performer operating out of Essex, UK. Sim's musical practice is centered around video and web projects. While creating profound multimedia projects like Vantablank Stare or Club Love, he also delves deep in the CD bins of classic Eurodance with his Jus'4Fun edit label, an imprint dedicated to remaking tracks from fan suggestions, and promoted via physical products sent in the post to followers of his social media. With his latest commission for Tight, Sim Hutchins goes for trashy (bedroom) club music with visuals that push the boundaries of good taste, but in a totally wholesome way.

Voin Oruwu

Kyiv-based musician Dmitriy Avkesentiev, known as Voin Oruwu, explores the relation of technology, science, and art. Over the last few years, he has released two LPs - Big Space Adventure on Private Persons and Etudes From A Starship on Kvitnu, which featured a compilation of futuristic novels. Today he is one of the most active players of the Ukrainian electronic scene popping up at various events in Kyiv and beyond. For Tight Is 2 Takeover, he prepared the mix of his tracks and unreleased pieces.

Morgiana HZ

Originally hailing from Poland, Morgiana Hz now lives in Kampala, where ze closely co-operates with Nyege Nyege crew. In 2018, ze performed at the Ugandan Nyege Nyege festival for the first time and then worked with East African producers in Kampala. As a result, ze teamed up with Kenyan producer and DJ Slikback to form ogniki. 

For hybrid live-sets, Morgiana Hz usually combines 3 turntables, contact microphones, various sensors and crystals scanning with the use of extended vocal techniques and unconventional sounds. Hir commissioned hybrid live / DJ set called CRYSTAL DROP is a manifest of free eco-sexuality welcoming to experience divine connection between spirit/s. Ze encourages to experience it with closed eyes or as a background for meditative dance medicine.