Pisitakun documents political history of Thailand on a new release, Absolute C.O.U.P.


A digital diaspora community, a multi-disciplinary label and network of Asian artists, Chinabot announced a new release Absolute C.O.U.P. by musician and visual artist Pisitakun.

Absolute C.O.U.P. is an attempt to comprehend the long history of of coup d’états and democratic suppression in Thailand, and a strong statement about human freedom under a police state. 

“Since I was born I witnessed three different coups: in 1991, 2006 and 2014. The question is stuck in my mind: Why do we have so many coups?” says Pisitakun. 

Using hard techno, molam, military marching beats, Thai Pop and traditional Thai instrumentation, Pisitakun evokes the feeling of aggression and noncompliance that is common for political confrontation. 

Absolute C.O.U.P. includes remixes from Gabber Modus Operandi, Elvin Brandhi and MSHR and will be released on a gold bullet-shaped USB and Cassettes. 

The release will be out on Chinabot on July 29 2020. 

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