Santé Records to release experimental band Glass


Santé Records is a French music label mostly focused on ambient, kraut and art rock, psyche, lo-fi, post music. The label has quickly found its niche in the field of avant-garde and experimental music by releasing such artitsts as QDRPD, PEANUTS and Adrien Pallot

Next in line is a French experimental band Glass which will deliver the new EP ‘L.U.C.A.’ for Santé on 8 April 2020. Drawing inspiration from UK scene and labels like UIQ, Hyperdub and Modern Love, Glass create cinematic soundscapes and combine them with glitchy drums and soft synth pads.

“With their new EP 'L.U.C.A', Glass can be considered as architects. Their music is heavily conceptualized and meticulously designed. Once produced, this alternative electronic music sounds natural, immersive and singular,” says the label.

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