BELP — is the artist name of musician and Schamoni label owner Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer. Sebastian was born in Munich, but partially grew up on the Seychelles islands learning classical piano and delving deep into European and African musical tradition. In Munich, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer keeps a proactive position by taking part in discussions and events aiming to improve the image of the city, as well as promoting emerging talents of the local scene.

For the mix, Belp collected his own productions and field recordings and the works by likeminded musicians as well as artists of Schamoni and its sub-label Jahmoni - DJ Marcelle, Aaron Spectre, Camila De Laborde and many others.

Atom™ & Lisokot ‎- Leitmotif I - Walzerzyklus - Raster R-M 176
Scratcha DVA - Basstone (Scratcha DVA's Soul Destroy Remix) - Version111a SWF001 testpressing
Atom™ & Lisokot ‎- Transhuman Melody (Excerpt) - Walzerzyklus - Raster R-M 176
Janine de Waleyne/Baden Powell - CANTO - Duo Janine/Baden - Images on Guitar - MPS 15.328
Camila De Laborde - You Couldn't Build That, You Couldn't Pretend - Opuntia - Schamoni Musik
Zozobra - Intro - Magia Roja 016
Atom™ & Lisokot ‎- Transhuman Melody (Excerpt, Continued) - Walzerzyklus - Raster R-M 176
Marrakesh - Canto de Ossanha - A tribute to Vinicius de Moraes + Baden Powell’s song ‘Canto de Ossanha’, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of their album ‘Os Afro-Sambas’ - Balaclava Records
Singlewhitefemale - Secret Garden - Version111a SWF001 testpressing
STA - Prince Kosmos - GOMA - HUM002
TOTO - Prologue / Main Title / Robot Fight / Leto's Theme - DUNE (Original Soundtrack Recording) - Polydor 823 770-1
Igorrr - Robert (Excerpt) - Savage Sinusoid - Metal Blade Records
Space Afrika - Yuly - Various Artists - Alter
Teresa Winter - A free woman in an unfree society would be a monster - Various Artists - Alter
Igorrr - Robert (Excerpt, Contnued) - Savage Sinusoid - Metal Blade Records
Eugen Cicero - Solfeggio c-moll / Carl P.E. Bach - Rokoko Jazz - SABA
Henrique de Curitiba - Poema Sonoro - Milton Nascimento/Noticias Do Brasil - Tropical Music 680.003
Fraxinus - All Ends - Her Records HERWL001
BELP - By Beauteous Softness / Henry Purcell - Hippopotamus - JAHMONI/SVS Records (33on45)
DMVU - Sippin Skooma - Encrypted Audio ENV010
The Simpsons - Main Title Theme (Excerpt)
Aaron Spectre - People of the Sub (Excerpt) - Jungle Boots - JAHMONI
The Mr. Tum Radio Show 03.02.19 Free Form Radio
Aaron Spectre - My Attitude (Excerpt) - Jungle Boots - JAHMONI
DJ Marcelle - She Plays Vinyl - One Place For The First Time - JAHMONI
BELP - Potential Noise - Hippopotamus - JAHMONI/SVS Records
Gerard Bergicourt - Mo Passe La Riviere Taniers - Les Segatiers de L'ile Maurice Vol. 3 - Disques Jackman LPJ 186
Field Recording - Munich Public Area - May '19 - Recorded by BELP
Hildegard Knef - Schmelzen Butterblumen? - Warum geht's hier eigentlich? - DECCA SLK 16734-P

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