5 tracks to get over your ex
5 tracks to get over your ex

Today we share our most melancholy selection to date, which was kindly picked by the co-founder of Bruits De La Passion, “first lady” of the BFDM label, curator of the Paris branch of LYL radio with her monthly show Pu$$y Nightmare, excellent selector and DJ - Marine Tordjmann, who also operates by the pseudonym OKO DJ.


We tackled a topic that people don’t like to discuss much. They get suspicious or even skeptical of this unfortunate state of mind. According to OKO DJ, the path to getting better is not easy, but being in love, sad and frustrated is part of our life. And we may thank these for the five tracks that could have never come to existence otherwise.


The Coneheads

Out of Control

Picked the first track of this kickass LP but the whole LP does the job. What could be better than a good "fuck you" moment to let go of what does not serve you anymore?



Get Out Riddim

This is a cover of Jojo - Get Out, possibly the best post-breakup song ever, with just enough contemporary touch, by a super talented Portuguese producer and friend.




The mood here is so complex and heavy that I could easily link it to a post-breakup vibe. Being OK with sadness and complexity can really help to tap into that inner power that can help you overcome any crisis. Being in love, and possibly sad and broken, sometimes is just part of being human, part of life, so it's beautiful, and accepting it is already being on the road to recovery!



Love U More

The energy in this track is so contagious. It could get me over any bad vibes. Plus the lyrics are pretty appropriate, and it's also an anthem of some of our seasonal summer gatherings in the Charolais.


Lawrence English

The Peregrine

Drone healing waves at its best in this piece. I believe that time is a great friend for healing love wounds, and tapping into a slower time-lapse music journey can help slow emotions down and soothe the self. I picked this one not least because of the personal history attached.