5 tracks for procrastination
5 tracks for procrastination

Krossfingers is a music blog and selector duo comprising of Artem Ikra and Sasha Tessio. For 6 years of its existence, Krossfingers has transformed into a full-fledged guide to literally all the existing variety of genres and styles, as well as a library of podcasts from the most interesting representatives of local music communities around the world.

We invited Sasha Tessio to present the selection of tracks which, in his opinion, will make you distract from the daily worries and enjoy the useless, but sometimes just vital idleness.

Krossfingers will perform at this year’s edition of Brave! Factory festival at Garden stage curated by TIGHT and the founder of Muscut Dima Nikolaienko. More information.


Holloware Squad

Surface Intention

[1995, Emissions Static]

Love the spacey and chill vibes here, but at the same time you can't skip its groove. Discovered this track in one of the Mélodies Souterraines ‎compilations (brilliant label btw). It was also one of the last tracks we played with Artem last October at Salon Des Amateurs before its closing.


Michel Huygen

Meeting At The Hilton

[1986, AMP Records]

Refreshing piece of music from the early Krossfingers era. The time we were exchanging music and discussing it with my buddy Artem everyday. Bright and cinematic, it leads you to imaginative lands while you do nothing.


Tangerine Dream

Invisible Limits

[1976, Virgin]

Fave TD album, and this particular track is just sick. Found it because of another classics, DJ Shadow's "The Endtroducing....." album, he sampled its intro there. Love how it grows and transforms from a sweet dream into some claustrophobic disaster.



New Partial Freedom

[2018, Petrola 80]

It's impossible to concentrate on something, you feel always distracted. It's also a theme of this record: "A continuously growing phenomenon of internet stalking, and the increasing access to personal information and data of other human beings as a consequence of digitalization and the rise of social media." 

Severin also runs Petrola 80, Copenhagen-based label where this record was released.

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Harold Budd

The Real Dream Of Sails

[1988, Opal Records]

Made in heaven for your ultimate procrastination experience.

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