5 tracks for hyperactive life
5 tracks for hyperactive life

Ana Laura Ricon is an artist from Venezuela with a moniker that fully reflects her life position. She is a founder of a club called SOLO through which she was actively developing a club culture in her hometown. She then moved to Berlin and continued to shake its nightlife with the Mess party series - a significant platform for women and transgender people from all over the world. In 2016, Ana joined Shape Platform roster and made her way to the prominent stages around the globe: CTM, Amsterdam Dance Event, Off Sonar, Brutaż, Cxema, Herrensauna.

Her limitless energy finds a way in her sets, that are driving, energetic and subtly suggesting that it is not quite the time to relax. We invited the artist to share five songs that will make a good soundtrack for dynamic and intense weekdays.

“Here are five Feierabend (end-of-work) tracks to finish the day with that extra energy boost. Featuring old school favorites, friend’s productions, recent discoveries and people I admire.”


Oliver Ho

‍In The Centre Of Paradise

Oliver Ho is one of my favorites. He really knows how to mix a lot of the elements I consider to be the right ones for a track to be timeless, groovy, funky and sexy. Growing up on the coast of Venezuela I got the chance to be surrounded by amazing percussive music. As a result of the colonization we have a super mixed culture, composed by Europeans, Africans and Natives so as I was growing up, I had the chance to get all these different musical influences, mostly rich in percussions. In The Center Of Paradise is a beautiful example of how to mix these Latin percussion rhythms with funky tribal Techno giving a great groove and a feeling to it that just puts you in the right mood.



Heart Less

When I first discovered Sugar’s music and Danish producers that have been coming out with new music, Schacke, Runne Bagge, Repro to name a few, I felt I’ve found a whole new scene of artists bringing something exciting and refreshing to what felt a bit like a stuck moment in the sound of newer techno. His tracks are uplifting, well structured, emotional and have excellent percussive arrangements. Heart Less is a great combination of raw and heavy sounds with an uplifting melody that takes you on a trip. Another thing important to mention is the feeling of family and community, working together and supporting each other that these guys and girls work with — something hard to find these days in the scene and something I respect.



Super Suna Odyssey

I found this track by Sunareht, a low key French producer in one of those endless musical research. There is something different and new about this track that truly gets me. It feels like deconstruction and reconstruction of sounds at the same time, an exploration of staccato-like chops with a good dose of melody and euphoria, build-ups and endless breaks that leave the listener with a kind of confusion, yet beautiful anticipation.



Haashish Gadani

Another exciting producer that recently joined us in Berlin, D.Dan quickly became a favorite with his energetic and highly percussive tracks. Haashish Gadani is a perfect example of a well executed, powerful, slamming techno track, perfect for rattling the dance floor every single time. Soon we’ll have some exciting news to share together. Stay tuned!


Adriana Lopez

Decreasing Reality

Adriana Lopez is without a question one of the most influential techno artists in South America. A Colombia native Adriana has been exploring minimal and hypnotic sides of techno with tremendous strength to them, ready to shake any warehouse full of ravers. In Decreasing Reality she delivers a pure and effective track that builds up leading you to what for sure will be a sweaty night.