Pop-Kultur presents panel discussion program of the festival


On August 21-23, Pop-Kultur festival will host panel discussions with a focus on issues of identity, gender, cultural exchange, as well as the influence of music journalism on these processes. 

It includes talks with Mariana Berezovska (BORSHCH), Dennis Pohl (Spex), Alexis Waltz (Groove, Moderation) and Louise Brailey (Crack Magazine) who will cover the topic of the importance of independent music journalism; founders of the Berlin Club Memes and Feminist Memes School on memes as one of the main forms of digital communication; Emotional Labor Queen, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah and Planningtorock on queer life in the Western world and many more. 

TIGHT will also take part in a discussion arranged by Music Pool Community - an educational platform aiming to facilitate networking and share the knowledge within the music scenes. The talk will explore music scenes in Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia and other Eastern European countries, as well as possibilities for more exchange with music scenes in Berlin and Germany. How is the communication arranged between the regions? How can we set a dialog between them? And what are existing interesting musical collaborations and projects that bring them together?

Pop-Kultur festival is a Berlin-based festival which is promoting multidisciplinarity and multi-faceted curatorial approach through various performances, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, readings. 

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