'No Photos On The Dancefloor! Berlin 1989-Today' — the history of Berlin’s club scene from 1989 till nowadays


From September 13th through November 30th Berlin will host an exhibition 'No Photos On The Dancefloor! Berlin 1989-Today' dedicated to the history of city’s club scene - from the events like Tekknozid and clubs like Ufo, Tresor, and Planet to the institutions who are now integrating their experience into the modern history of electronic music. 

The exhibition will feature photographs, videos, films and documentary materials covering the evolution of the Berlin club culture over the past 30 years - starting from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the emergence of new wave venues like Watergate, Berghain, Bar 25. The exhibition's program includes artist talks from Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Marquardt, Marcel Dettmann at C / O Berlin which will be turned into a full-fledged club for the events. 

'No Photos On The Dancefloor! Berlin 1989-Today' is curated by Heiko Hoffmann & Felix Hoffmann. 

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