The new book by FLEE explores a Kenyan signature genre Benga


FLEE is a cultural engineering platform dedicated to the documentation and enhancement of hybrid cultures. It functions as a record label, publishing house and exhibition organizer. All these diverse activities are united by a desire to explore unfairly forgotten musical genres, their history, and evolution, the genealogy of political essence, as well as their past and present position in the global socio-economic landscape.

The first release of FLEE features a vinyl compilation and a printed journal dedicated to Kenyan iconic music genre from the 70s called Benga that never got great exposure outside of Kenya’s frontiers. In addition to mentioned above, FLEE delivered a book called “Benga, a Kenyan Kaleidoscope” which investigates the future of a Kenyan music genre and its evolution in the limelight of an increased dematerialization of artistic practices. The book is composed of the essays from the film director Mbithi Masya, graphic design studio U-Zehn, music producers like FlexFab, KMRU, Gregg Tendwa, Shake it Maschine and professors Jehanne Denogent, Noémie Desarzens, Andrew Eisenberg, as well as original and archive pictures.

More information about the project and the book:

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